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Jasmine Star is my real name.  I am a 19 year old musician, singer, songwriter, and producer based out of LA.  I love to play keys, guitar, bass, and sing.  Being on stage is the love of my life.

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  • YouTube / 195,000 / 25,000,000 channel views
  • TikTok / 168,000 / 18,000,000 video views
  • Instagram / 174,000 / 19,000,000 video views

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Music Man / Guitars and Bass      Ernie Ball  / Strings and Accessories    

Victory Amps / Amps and Amp products     Origin Effects / Pedals     

Dunlop MXR / Pedals and Signature picks     Ultimate Ears / In-ear monitors


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The Cliff

Writing, Vocals, All Instruments, and Production by Jasmine Star

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